My daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out by Dr Blatter. His staff is first rate, and they answered all of our questions, and were very helpful. Carey was especially helpful and was very calm and reassuring. Dr Blatter was amazing with my daughter, everything went according to plan, and the entire procedure was completed without any complications. Their office is very high tech, and at the same time very warm and inviting. We had such a great experience at their office and wanted to share it with others.

Dr Blatter definitely gets a 5 star rating from us, based on my daughters experience at his office. I highly recommend him!

Eric E.

I was terrified of getting all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth taken out, especially because I have TMJ issues. I had so many fears: my jaw not returning to normal after surgery, intensive jaw pain and soreness, waking up during the surgery, revealing all my deep dark secrets after surgery, etc.

The only thing I was looking forward to was the prospect that I would lose weight after a post-operative soft foods/liquid diet!

None of my surgery nightmares actually came to fruition, although I was obviously a bundle of nerves. Dr. Blatter was very calm and receptive to my concerns. His office staff was sooo friendly and easy to work with!! (Office staff plays heavily into how I evaluate my doctors... Are you smart enough to hire good people upfront?)

As far as aftercare, Dr. Blatter is really prompt to get back to you if you call with concerns, and has thorough follow up appointments.

M M.

I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Blatter a few years ago. The office is inside what used to be an old house in downtown Concord, so it feels homey. More importantly, I was very impressed by the quality/ease of care given and the clarity of pre- and post-op instructions. I have TMJ issues, but he took precautions during the surgery and my jaw ended up fine after only a couple hours of being locked closed (much better outcome than what I expected). He was also really calm and made me feel less anxious before the procedure.

The uber-conservative thing is a legit concern (I read some complaints online before I saw him), but when I was there I didn't get a sense of any political leanings other than what you can *maybe* gather from a person's appearance. While it makes me squirm to think that my money might have gone to the Mitt Romney campaign, I'd gladly set politics aside in the future in exchange for a trustworthy and skilled oral surgeon. I only have one set of teeth and don't want them in the wrong hands.

Kaylie M.

What does politics have to do with a review on a Surgeon? The answer is none at all!

Dr. Blatter sectioned off a bridge and pulled the tooth for me, he also lent me a hand while I was vacationing in Hawaii. he is professional, courteous, and has a nice manner. I had an emergency issue last night and his staff has fit me in today without an appointment. You cant ask for more than that in a Dental Surgeon.

Thank you Dr. Blatter and staff!!

Roger Hrvatin

Dr Blatter and his staff did an amazing job. I was very nervous having three wisdom teeth removed. Everyone was kind and encouraging from my first phone call until I walked out of the office.

Korie Montoya

Brian is simply the best OMS I ever been to. I know I had all my upper pulled one by one to get full upper denture at UCSF (they did A+ job)

Thank you Dr,

Stewart James Williams

My son had to have several teeth pulled under anesthesia on 2 separate occasions. We knew it would be smooth sailing because my husband had the same thing done a few years back. Thanks so much to Dr. Blatter. Would and do frequently reccomend him to friends and family.

S Perejil

A fantastic oral surgeon.

John Lester

Excellent practioner and so so kind when we are in need of kindness.

Alexandra Jennings

Our daughter had her wisdom teeth removed in Dec 2007. Our daughter doesn't handle pain well. This experience was very smooth for her. There were no surprises and this was one of the easiest surgeries she's had. We are now scheduling surgery for our son next month.

Phil Friesen

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